BK-201   “Kampf um’s dritte Reich” ("Struggle for the Third Reich") Cigarette Card Book
An interesting book, the type where the owner had to first collect then paste in the pictures him/herself. Cigarette pack coupons were traded for the little photographs, which could then be pasted in as a free-time hobby.  It is a real book in softcover, however, in large format (approximately 12.5” by 9.25”).  A painting pasted on the front shows a representation of the statue of Victory (which is mounted atop Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate) riding aboard a horse pulled, two-wheeled chariot; she holds a flagstaff with the party flag blowing ahead of her. There’s a small piece torn out of the picture’s top edge, but it doesn’t detract much. The book is overall in pretty good shape, but does have some edge knurling to the covers (and the bottom corner is torn off - this appears as a fold in the photograph but has now torn off), and some light yellowing to the interior pages, which are otherwise in great shape.  There were a few photos the book owner apparently missed and the spaces for them are blank with no traces of any glue. The majority of the pictures are relatively small. They are nearly all colorized, and some date from very early in Party history!  A great reference on the early days of the Party and its “struggle” to take control of the Fatherland.  About 92 pages.


Item BK-201