M-004  Verdienstkreuz III. Stufe des Ordens Vom Deutschen Adler Mit Swerten” (Meritorious Order of the German Eagle Third Class)
Hitler realized the importance of establishing awards for foreign dignitaries, statesmen, etc. and established the Meritorious Order of the German Eagle Award line for just this purpose. A few German Nationals were awarded these, but for the most part they were awarded to foreigners. The list of award recipients includes Henry Ford, Charles Lindberg and Benito Mussolini, among others. This is an example of a 1939 vintage (the initial awards came out in 1937, with minor revisions in 1939 and lastly in 1943) Third Class Award with Swords. It is a beautiful award produced with a rich, gold finish that remains fully intact throughout. It is in the form of a white enamel Maltese cross with fanned tips with a German National eagle in between each arm of the cross. Each eagle is clutching a wreath with a swastika over white enamel. Superimposed over the center of the cross (obverse only) is a pair of gold finished crossed swords, which are a bit loose. There is no visible wear to the badge, and the enamel remains bright and crisp with no visible cracking, etc. There is a gold suspension ring, which is clearly stamped ' 900' and '21'. It has a correct ribbon with needle pin. A fantastic example of this handsome award!


Item M-004