U-079   Kriegsmarine (Navy) Administrative Officer’s Cloak
This is the first of these that I have ever owned, an extremely rare garment! The cloak is made of magnificent quality navy blue moleskin fabric, with an incredibly smooth feel – it’s a thin weight material, but with the white rayon (or satin) lining, has enough weight to sit firmly. The fabric is in outstanding condition – I can’t detect any noticeable mothing. The cape has a round Tombak (bronze alloy) plate molded with the raised relief image of a forward facing lion’s head (superb detail – even the individual fine hairs on the lion’s upper muzzle!) on each side of the breast. The left side lion (as worn) is equipped with a horizontal, “U”-shaped hook, while the right has a length of chain that can be crossed over the space between the sides and secured over the hook.  The chain and lions are in a very handsome silvered finish, though some has worn off to show hints of the Tombak beneath. The white satin lined interior has a long sling loop in the same material attached from each shoulder to a point farther down each side – these apparently were the more secure means of ensuring the cloak stayed in place. The bottom of the right side loop (as worn) has come loose. There is a pocket slot along the left breast edge, and a white oilcloth tag affixed deep in the pocket notes the tailoring as having been done by the Navy Officer Kleiderkasse (Marine Offizierkleiderkasse), with the handwritten owner’s name (an engineering Officer) being “Mohr” (looks like). The year is 1935 – quite early. A really spectacular piece that would fit someone standing about 5’8” or 5’9” well, perhaps even taller. Magnificent!



Item U-079