U-199  Excellent Forestry Official’s Private Purchase Tunic and Pants
This handsome grouping is a great find! First off, the tunic which is produced in a high quality, forest green doeskin wool that is very soft to the touch. It is in excellent condition, remaining damage-free and very clean. There are four pockets, with the breast examples being a patch style that are pleated with scalloped flaps. The hip pockets are internal, also with scalloped flaps. The upper part of the turn back cuffs, as well as the seam of the rear skirt, the pocket flaps and both closure seams have an emerald green piping. The collar is lined with an emerald green badge cloth as well as being piped on the front and lower edges with a silver aluminum twist cord. This same piping is seen on the emerald green wool collar tabs. These have hand embroidered oak leaves of a bright silver flatwire, to indicate the wearer was of the rank Revierförster in the General State Forestry Service. The sew-in shoulder boards have the same emerald green backing, as do the collar tabs, to go along with a dark green braid and a single acorn cipher indicating the Rank. Each and every button is present and an olive brown bakelite. The interior is fully lined in a green rayon material that displays some very minor discoloration and wear. The sleeves are lined in a grey and purple striped rayon. A pair of pockets are seen on the interior. The tunic is fairly large, approximately a size 38. The pants are produced in a material that is very similar in both feel and color to the tunic. There is just the slightest bit of discoloration and wear, with a tiny bite on the rear at the waist. There is also a small area on the lower, rear leg with a few bites. They are piped down the leg in an emerald green. There are slash style hip pockets and a watch pocket on the front. The rear has a single pocket on the right side with an inverted, scalloped flap. The fly has four buttons and a hook and loop at the very top. All buttons, including the ones for the suspenders, are green bakelite and maker marked with the name of the tailor. There is a rear cinch belt with a metal roller buckle. The inside of the cinch belt has a tailor’s label indicating the name of the firm was “W. Michovius” of Cottbus. The label reads “Forstuniformen und Jagdbekleidung” (“Forestry Uniforms and Hunting Clothing”) followed by the name of the owner, which looks like “Herr Schröter”. Also seen is the date, 22.2.34 (February 22, 1934) and a number issued by the tailor, “927”. Inside, a blue striped white cloth is seen at the waist with slightly discolored white cloth used for the pockets and further reinforcement. These are approximately a size 34. A fine example of a well-matched set!


Item U-199