German WWII Land Customs Dagger by Hörster***STILL AVAILABLE***

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German WWII Land Customs Dagger by Hörster-Complete with a choice set of dagger hangers. Here is another dagger that we do not encounter very often, but when we do, we like it to be as nice and as complete as this example. It, by its nature, is very stylized with the green leather handle that is complete with silver wire wrap and its’ aluminum hilt fittings. These show only the lightest of wear with no liabilities to report. The green leather covered scabbard has beautiful, polished aluminum fittings. The leather has some light scuffing but no attempt has been made to clean it up, so it is exactly as it came to me. The blade with the E&F Hörster markings shows light wear and some very light speckling on the blade, but overall, the dagger itself will still check in at near excellent. The dagger is complete with a properly tied silver bullion knot, which is generic and was used by customs officials but also other military units. Consider yourself lucky as this also came with a nice set of rare customs official’s dagger hangers which has a combination of aluminum and steel fittings. The hangers are in excellent condition showing virtually no wear at all. This is a dagger set that is missing from most collections. 

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