German WWII NSKK by Eickhorn***STILL AVAILABLE***

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German WWII NSKK by Eickhorn-This is a nice example in the RZM vintage, with a nicely fitting wooden handle and nickel-plated fittings throughout which retain approx. 95% of their finish. The scabbard, under close inspection, is a repaint. However, the upper fitting on the reverse of the scabbard has an interesting 1938 presentation. The blade has nice factory cross graining and is marked M7/66 and dated 1940. Aha! Why is there a 1938 dedication on a dagger that was not produced until 1940 you ask? This can be explained by stating that the dagger was produced in 1940 but this owner had been acknowledged for a special service in 1938 and it was therefore dedicated later on to represent his earlier date of honor. This is complete with a short black leather hanger with plated and marked fittings. Priced to sell. 

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