German WWII Uncut Police Bayonet by Weyersberg***STILL AVAILABLE***

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German WWII Uncut Police Bayonet by Weyersberg-This offering is a thing of beauty and very rare as it is an uncut example from the Weimar period that retains the full length along with a beautiful eagle clamshell. All they did to this Berlin District issued edged blade is to update it by adding a highly detailed aluminum police eagle to the obverse stag grip plate. The details to the hilt crossguard and clam shell are excellent. The stag grip plates show light honest age. The black leather scabbard has taken on a bit of a brown tone over the years and does have some scuffing. The fittings are all nickel, the lower scabbard fitting has a visible dent in the bottom. The blade is in excellent condition and has the Paul Weyersberg information on the reverse and the Weyersberg logo on the obverse. It measures 17 inches long, and in the scabbard, the whole bayonet measures 23 inches in length. This is unit marked as the markings on the upper scabbard fitting and the lower cross guard fitting, read S.B.8515. So, this is from the Berlin Police Dept.  A very handsome piece, that won’t last long. 

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