Rare Original Dutch WWI Model 1915 Stormdolk Commando Knife with Scabbard***STILL AVAILABLE***

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Rare Original Dutch WWI Model 1915 Stormdolk Commando Knife with Scabbard- This is an outstanding example of the Dutch M-1915 Fighting Knife. This knife means business. This rare knife was known in the Dutch service as the "Stormdolk" and is often referred to by collectors as a Dutch Commando Knife. Many of the Dutch Commando forces that operated with the British during World War II, chose to carry this knife rather than the British special forces standard issue Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife. These knives were produced from 1915 until the Germans invaded Holland in 1940. After the German occupation, many of the knives served as ersatz fighting knives for the German military. This example has a nicely toned wooden handle that is bolted on. There is a steel crossguard that is very nicely toned. The 8-inch stiletto blade retains its bluing and is in excellent condition. Under the crossguard, there are the numbers 1755 “B”. This includes a leather scabbard and frog piece which are excellent. The back of the frog is very nicely marked. The scabbard retains its leather covering, there are a few scuffs, but overall, this is excellent. The ball that sits at the tip of the scabbard is perfect. This is a cool knife, and if you are a fan of fighting knives, this would be a rare addition to your collection. 

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