German WWII DAF Honor Flag

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German WWII DAF Honor Flag-This is a rare DAF honor flag that measures 50 inches by 55 inches, so approx. 4 ft square in size which is a really good display size as you know. This specially awarded flag was also referred to as the Golden Flag or Goldene Fahne. It has a gold cogwheel applied to a red silk field. In the center of the black outlined gold cogwheel is a narrow black swastika. There is a 2-inch gold bullion fringe on the edge of this flag. The gold is age toned, but overall sound. There are seven rings at the top for hanging.  All are in place and are original to the piece. There are a couple of moderate stains on this flag. It appears to be a grease material, which may be possible since this did hang in a factory. These silk flags would have exclusively been hung inside the factory itself, and not outside. Please be sure to look closely at the photos. This NS-Musterbetriebsfahne flag would have been specially awarded to outstanding factories and was only used for special occasions. There are other versions that could be purchased privately but they were a much larger size (up to 4 times the size of this flag) and may be made of sailcloth instead of silk. This DAF Goldene Fahne would have hung on at pole that would have had a golden DAF flag pole top. You can see photos of how this flag would have hung in Angolia’s book, Labor Organizations of the Third Reich.  This flag is a beauty.