Italian WWII Fascist Flag

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Italian WWII Fascist Flag-Fascist party flag that measures 22” by 22”. It has a script that reads “OND Dopolavoro Rionale Luigi Gini Vignale-Novara” in a gold bullion script. The gold script on this flag translates to “OND After-Work District Luigi Gini Vignale Novara”. We were unable to find anything on an “OND” group until our good friend, colleague and fellow author filled us in on the details. This organization was the equivalent of the KdF in Germany and the Germans probably copied the idea from the Italians. The OND was formed back on 1 May 1925 under the Ministry of National Economy. The Fascist Party (PNF) seized control of it in May 1927. By 1939 there were 23,000 local OND groups. This one, in Vignale-Novara, was named after a local Fascist hero. In the center of the flag is the OND logo with the Fascist bundle.