Metal WWII German NSKK Car Fender Pennant

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Metal WWII German NSKK Car Fender Pennant-A fairly large sized metal pennant measuring approximately 15 1/2 inches from hoist to the point and about 9 1/2 inches from the bottom of the hoist to the top and made of a sturdy (but not too heavy) metal. The pennant has a red base with black borders. The pennant is in fact a heavy, printed decal adhered to the metal base and sealed with a lacquer of some sort. The 2nd style NSKK design is rendered on both sides (disks with a narrow black ring surrounding a silver NSKK eagle and scroll). The eagle highlights are done in black, with the correct swastika orientation on both sides (not backwards on the reverse side). There is some minimal yellowing to the white portions of the insignia, with some crazing to the finish. Some moderate scratching but overall, it is a fine piece. There is a plated, tubular metal clamp affixed to the top and bottom edges of the hoist, which extend rearward and slide over a fender staff. The bolts are missing. An interesting item in very good condition overall!