German WWI 1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class

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German WWI 1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class- Very good example complete with original ribbon. The black finish is in sound condition only, it does have moderate scratching, lifting and finish loss. Please be certain to check the photos. The frame is nicely toned. The piece of original ribbon is intact although age toned and pretty fragile. Still a very good display item.

History: On March 10th, 1813, Prussian Kaiser Friedrich Wilhelm III established the Iron Cross as a temporary award for bestowal during times of war. Originally the Iron Cross was introduced in three grades with a Grand Cross intended for award to Senior Commanders for successfully leading troops in combat and the First and Second classes for award to all ranks for bravery or merit in action. The Iron Crosses were reinstituted by Kaiser Wilhelm I on July 19th, 1870, for award during the Franco-Prussian War and again on August 5th, 1914, by Kaiser Wilhelm II for award during WWI. On September 1ST 1939 Hitler once more reinstituted the Iron Cross series of awards in the First and Second Classes and established the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross. The first-class medal was for award to personnel who performed three to five acts of bravery in combat and had already been awarded the Iron Cross second class.