German WWII Army 12 Year Long Service Award

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German WWII Army 12 Year Long Service Award-This is a beautiful example of the award presented after 12 years of service in the Heer. It is gilted gold and has very little wear and shows terrific details. It comes with a blue ribbon that is post war, so we are tossing this ribbon in for free. The badge itself is a beauty. 

History: In March of ‘36 Hitler ordered the institution of a service award in four classes, each class reflecting the completion of a select number of years of military service. The award was bestowed by each branch of the Wehrmacht (army, navy, and air force) and was issued for four years’ service (fourth class-silver medal), 12 years (third class-gold medal), 18 years (2nd Class-silver cross), 25 years (first class-gold cross), and 40 years (special class). The 40-year special class was introduced on 10 March 1939.