German WWII Blockade Runner Badge

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German WWII Blockade Runner Badge-This example is missing the majority of its’ finish as well as its catch. This would still make a nice display piece. The zinc has toned to a nice color, and the details to this badge remain quite good. Look at the details on the chain, boat, eagle and water, and you will see light wear, but they are still quite clear. Marker marked on the reverse for R.S. for the firm of Rudolf Souval. Again, the pin and hinge work fine but again missing the catch. 

History: Instituted on April 1, 1941, the Blockade Runner badge was the only naval award that was bestowed equally between civilians and men of the Kriegsmarine. After August of 1943, Luftwaffe soldiers in Kriegsmarine military districts were also eligible. It was given in recognition of deeds performed by sailors bringing their ships through the British blockade and safely into port. The design features the bow of a merchant ship snapping several links of a chain. The front of the bow has a large, stylized eagle with swastika.