German WWII Dr. Fritz Todt Prize in Silver

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German WWII Dr. Fritz Todt Prize in Silver-Rarely encountered original example of this second-class Fritz Todt prize.  Quite handsome, in the shape of an eagle with semi folded wings, looking left, standing on a scroll with the words DR. FRITZ TODT. Beneath the scroll is a swastika in a cog wheel motif. Heavily constructed in a silvered zinc, the obverse retains 50% of its original silver and burnished finish. The reverse is fully intact. On the reverse is a hinged pin with retaining hook running vertically down the center. The pin on this example functions but is very stiff. I have not had one of these to offer you in quite some time. Overall strong/very good condition.

History: In 1938 Fritz became the leader of Organization Todt, which was a para-military building organization. The Todt constructed the West Wall along with other military fortifications. He also was a principal in the organization of the Four-Year Plan for German economic self-sufficiency, Minister of Armaments and Munitions, and General Inspector of Water and Energy. In February 1942 he died in a plane crash, after leaving the Wolfschanze, Hitler's Rastenburg Headquarters. Hitler instituted the Dr. Fritz Todt Prize in November 1943, to honor Fritz. It was awarded to industrial personnel who had made a significant contribution to the war effort. The award came in three classes, gold, silver, and steel, depending on the value of the work for the war effort. In addition to the award itself, a monetary benefit was also given to the recipients.