German WWII SS Contributing Member Stick Pin

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German WWII SS Contributing Member Stick Pin-This is the highly desirable stick pin for members who made contributions to the SS. It is an oval enameled stick pin with the SS Runes superimposed over the swastika. The letters F.M. appear on the obverse which identifies this as belonging to people who made contributions to the SS. It is well marked and numbered on the reverse with serial number 37568. It is also marked with the maker “Deschler” Ges.gesch “K”. It has the proper knurled stickpin.  There is very slight wear, and the enamel on the face of the pin is near excellent.

History:  The SS-FM, Fördernde Mitglieder organization was originally formed in 1926 by personnel who wished to join the Allgemeine-SS, (General-SS), but were found unsuitable for direct membership. Membership in the SS-FM was open to all male and female German Aryan personnel who agreed to make a voluntary monthly contribution to the SS treasury. The SS-FM organization was administered by the SS Economic and Administrative Department, who supplied members with a monthly dues book and an identifying lapel pin. SS-FM members would register at their local SS headquarters where they would make their monthly payments and receive the appropriate receipt stamp to be placed in their dues book. Membership in the SS-FM not only guaranteed SS protection from radical elements but the mere association with the SS greatly enhanced a members’ influence in all aspects of civilian life. The SS-FM the Reichsführung-SS, (High Command of the SS), also published a monthly newspaper/magazine for all members.