NAZI Third Reich NSDAP 15-year Long Service Award

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NAZI Third Reich NSDAP 15-year Long Service Award-A handsome example of the 15-year NSDAP long service award. A cross pattée constructed of bronze gilt, with blue enameled arms, and with gilt sun rays between the arms of the cross. The obverse is a central blue enameled medallion bearing a national eagle superimposed and clutching a mobile wreathed swastika, all within a wreath. The reverse with a similar central blue enameled medallion, inscribed “Treue für Führer und Volk” (German - Loyalty for the Leader and the People). This includes a period original blue ribbon in a parade mount style, with a straight pin attachment at the top which functions perfectly. This ribbon does have some discoloration. There is some slight corrosion on the frame, and to the sun rays but these are isolated to small portions on the obverse. The reverse is excellent! A very desirable award and priced to sell. 

History: The award was given in three grades of ten years, fifteen years, and twenty-five years of service. On its reverse side, each award had emblazoned the inscription, in German: Treue für Führer und Volk ("Loyalty to Leader and People"). The service award was a four-pointed cross (Ordenskreuz) cross with slightly curved arms. In the center of the cross is the national eagle with an oakleaves wreath. Between the arms were rays, which was suspended from a 30mm ribbon. In April of 1939, Adolf Hitler ordered its institution for male and female members of the NSDAP who met certain qualifications. The award was first given out in January 1940.