WWI Cross of Honor 1914/1918 w/Swords on Parade Mount

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WWI Cross of Honor 1914/1918 w/Swords on Parade Mount- Very good example complete with parade ribbon mount. Maker marked. The ribbon is excellent. There is a leather reinforcement on the reverse with a snap on it for mounting to the tunic. There are two spots of what appears to be white paint on the obverse of this badge. Please look closely at the photos to see these. We have not attempted to clean these off, but it may clean up.  The badge is very nicely maker marked on the reverse. 

History: This medal was awarded to all front-line veterans who where participants of WWI. The last one was awarded in 1944. It is constructed out of a die struck steel base that has been bronze plated. The obverse depicts a centrally placed “1914 1918” surrounded by a laurel leaf and berry wreath, that is open at the top and tied together at the bottom, which is in front of a pattée style cross, and above two crossed broad swords.