Luftwaffe LKpN101 Summer Mesh Flying Helmet, COMPLETE with all Avionics

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Luftwaffe LKpN101 Summer Mesh Flying Helmet, COMPLETE with all Avionics-This is an excellent example of the Luftwaffe mesh flying helmet with all the key features: the dark brown mesh or net cloth exterior; earphones with their dark brown smooth leather covers, securing straps, buckles and fittings, hooks and the elasticized pullout straps beneath the earphone covers. At the bottom rear is the upside down, brown leather “Y” tab, the arms of which extend into neck straps bearing the dark reddish-brown bakelite covered larynx (Mi 4b) microphones (marked with the Luftwaffe control number “Ln. 26779-2”). The avionics cord, with its four-prong end plug, exits the helmet above the microphone straps. The cord and plug are excellent, with the black bakelite plug being marked “BLKvFl27560”. The oval earphones are fleece padded and this remains excellent. The translucent plastic earphone covers (beneath the fleece) are present as well. There is a nomenclature tag at the rear of the helmet nicely marked with the Baumuster (Model type) LkpN101. The manufacturer is noted with the ordnance code of “bxo” indicating production by Deutsche Telephonwerke und Kabelindustrie A.-G., Berlin SO 36. The size is noted as 56. Excellent and desirable!