Third Reich Schutzpolizei Officer Private Purchase Visor Cap, Named

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Third Reich Schutzpolizei Officer Private Purchase Visor Cap, Named-This is a fantastic piece, produced in blue green wool that has ever so slight wear to the top panel. The chocolate brown badge cloth center band as well as the top panel is piped in green for Schutzpolizei personnel. The insignia consists of a beautiful nickel silver finished, two-piece officer wreath and eagle plus the unique to the maker vented cockade. There is a silver bullion double chin cord and a black vulkanfibre visor that is excellent aside from some minor crazing. The interior is fully lined in gold rayon that is very clean. There is a rhomboid shaped moisture shield with the maker nomenclature. It was produced by eReL and is the “Standard” model. The sweatband is brown ersatz leather. It does show some wear and is a bit stiff. It also has the eReL manufacturer info as well as the term “Stirnschutz” indicating that this was equipped with the “pressure free forehead” system aka the vented cockade etc. There is a paper tag in the slot with hand written owner information. The tag reads “Adolf Dinkel, 4th Company, police reserve (?), Lannach” (a municipality in Austria). The cap is a size 56. Excellent overall!