WWII German Army Infantry Other Ranks Private Purchase Visor Cap

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WWII German Army Infantry Other Ranks Private Purchase Visor Cap-This example is produced in field grey wool. It is a smooth, high quality private purchase type of wool that does show some wear, discoloration and a few small nips. The white infantry piping is fully intact with some discoloration matching the rest of the cap. The center band is dark green badge cloth. It does have some tracking and wear. The eagle and wreath appear to be replacements but are original pieces that fit and match well. The cockade is nickel with a red felt bullseye. There is a black leather chin strap with black buttons. It is faded with some crazing but is in otherwise fine condition. The black vulkanfibre visor has some crazing and fading. It remains tightly affixed to the cap. The underside of the visor is finished in a cream hue with crosshatching. The interior is fully lined in gold rayon. There is minor wear and discoloration from use. There is a rhomboid shaped moisture shield with the makers nomenclature intact. This was produced by eReL. There is a name tag in the slot and he was a member of Infantry Regiment 65. The nomenclature indicates that this was the “standard” model produced by eReL which is a rarely seen type. There is also a retailer listed on the shield. There is a brown leather sweatband which has a bit of wear and discoloration plus a few small tears. It has the eReL Stirnschutz marking. It is a large size 58. There is some heavy wear around the lower edge of the body of the cap. A very nice example overall!