First Pattern Waffen SS Blurred Edge reversible Smock

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First Pattern Waffen SS Blurred Edge reversible Smock-We have not had one of these to offer in quite some time. It is a highly desirable piece! This is in the Rauchtarnmuster or blurred edge pattern. The green side was for use in spring and summer and the brown side was for use in fall and winter. These were used primarily by the Waffen SS personnel, but also by members of the Hermann Göring Division as well as army mountain troopers. This example has some wear, discoloration and a few small holes in the bottom reverse as well as one by the left pocket. One of the cuffs has loose reinforcing trim but it is still present. When we got this, it had a collector applied, make shift hood so we removed it. All of the foliage loops have been removed from this example. There are stitch remnants and areas of wear from where they once resided. We believe that the original drawstring is still in place. The elastic waistband is in place and works as intended. One of the buttons is missing for the pocket. This is a size medium. Well-worn but still a fantastic display example! 

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