German WW2 War Merit Cross 2nd Class w/o Swords

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German WW2 War Merit Cross 2nd Class w/o Swords-This example has retained the majority of its finish and has a great tone to the color. It retains a portion of its original red and black ribbon. Great example. 

History: The War Merit Cross was instituted on October 18th, 1939, in two classes with both classes issued, with and without swords, for award to military personnel and civilians, including females and foreigners, for exemplary service and/or bravery in Germany’s war effort, in a non-combatant role. The addition of swords to the award signifies bravery while awards without swords were bestowed for service. The War Merit cross series of awards was expanded on August 19th, 1940, to include a Knight’s Cross of the War Merit Cross for award to personnel who had provided a substantial contribution to the war effort.