WWII German Schutzpolizei NCO Combat Tunic

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WWII German Schutzpolizei NCO Combat Tunic-This is produced in blue green wool. There is very minor wear, a hint of tracking and minor discoloration. It has four pockets with scalloped flaps. The breast pockets are pleated. It has a six button closure and all buttons are field grey finished pebbled metal. The hand applied collar tabs are green cloth with tresse columns and silver bullion rope twist piping. The shoulder boards are the sew in type. The face is brown cloth braid with matte grey flat wire/brown cloth around the perimeter. The green badge cloth backing doubles as the piping. These are for an oberwachtmeister (staff sergeant). The left sleeve has a hand applied green machine embroidered eagle. The right sleeve has a hand applied, machine embroidered jaeger ski patch. We've been told this is a REPRODUCTION so it's a freebie. Also, all insignia has been REAPPLIED to this tunic. There are loops for a badge on the left pocket. The interior is partially lined in soft green cloth. There are green cloth straps for the belt hooks. There is a large ink stamp of the date 1.7.1944 on the upper center of the interior. The lower right has ink stamps that are blurry and hard to read. These represent the sizing and other info. It is a size medium. Very good condition!