WW2 Japanese Cased Binocular with Whistle

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WW2 Japanese Cased Binocular with Whistle-This is a set of cased 7 x 7.1 binoculars in a green canvas case. These binoculars need a very good cleaning, the right lens is fairly clear, but the left lens is certainly dirty and or scratched. The optics aren’t great to be honest. The pebbled finish on the binoculars is mostly in place, although the end caps are missing some finish and show moderate wear. The black bakelite eye caps are in good condition, and there is actually a spare set of these in the canvas case. There are brown leather straps attached to the reverse of the binocular that would attach to a chinstrap which is unfortunately missing on this example. The binoculars are marked on the right size with a 6 x 9.3 and the left side is marked for the maker JES. The carrying bag is a very heavy-duty bag and is covered in a tan/light khaki colored canvas. It is well worn, and quite a bit salty. There is a canvas tan strap that is attached to the sides to be worn as a shoulder strap.  Attached to the front of this bag’s brown leather strap is a black bakelite whistle, this also shows some wear but is intact.  We have not blown it to see if it works. This is an interesting collectible group.