Bilder Deutscher Geschichte (Pictures of German History)

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Bilder Deutscher Geschichte (Pictures of German History- This book's somewhat yellowed pages are a heavy but relatively good quality paper (low rag content), printed in Roman font typeface. The book is 12.25" high by 9.25" wide. The cover is sort of a pumpkin color, but was probably more of a yellowish- tan in its younger days, now darkened. There is some spotting and definite browning here and there nothing unusual for a relatively inexpensive quality laminated layer, soft cover boards. The layers are beginning to separate a little at the lower right corner, with the upper layer (only) at the corner actually missing. The volume is otherwise in decent shape on the outside, with some raggedness to the cover edges, some splits in the covering at the ends of the spine. In slightly raised relief on the cover is a beautiful eagle with upright (semi-folded) wings, perched atop a plinth-style gold base with the title BILDER DEUTSCHER GESCHICHTE. The binding is a smooth, dark brown strip that covers the spine with a little overlap on the cover on each side. The book title is printed in gold on the side (gold geprägt, as the Germans would say). There is some browning to the outer edges of the inner pages, but nothing too severe and the page edges do not feel brittle. The binding itself appears to be solid; all the pages are quite secure. The book is divided into chronological groups of picture motifs Group 1: The German Middle Ages, Group 2: The Reformation and the 30 Years War; Group 3. The Start of Brandenburg-Prussia; Group 4. The Age of Friedrich the Great; Group 5. German Spiritual Life around 1800; the Unification of Germany, and so on up to 1914. Each Group ( or section) starts off with a brief historical text, which is followed by pages with captions each caption having a box above it for pasting in picture labels (depicting a multitude of people, places events) printed on glossy paper. These were traded for using collectible seals off of cigarette packs. The little reproduction paintings are quite interesting and in excellent condition and all but a very few are present. Slightly worn exterior cover and edges but overall an excellent and colorful book. Very interesting and informative book.  The pages are not numbered but the book holds perhaps 40 to 50 pages.