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SPECTACULAR, UNPARALLELED, PERSONALIZED, DOCUMENTED, LUFTWAFFE GROUPING BELONGING TO FLIGHT NCO- LOOK AT THE PHOTOS!! When I say massive, that is no joke! I don’t think we have ever had a more complete grouping Signals Uffzto offer. This includes five….yes, five huge albums chock full of photos, mementos, documents etc of this career soldier covering his time in the Luftwaffe and post war Bundeswehr. Karl Gottfried Brückner was born on 24 January, 1915 in Rothenhaar. He was a truck driver as a civilian living in Stuttgart. His career in the military started when he enlisted in the Wehrmacht sometime in the summer of 1934. The earliest dates, found on his rifle certification documents, are 30.9.1934.  His first award was the “Abzeichen für Fliegerschützen”, which was awarded when he was a Luftwaffe gefreiten on 18.Oktober 1935. As a member of the bomber squadron Kampfgeschwader “General Wever”, his hard work and dedication would pay off. A complete, typed list of his service time, is included. Eventually, his impressive list of awards included:

Wehrmacht Long Service Award-4 years

1.October 1938 Medaille


Black Wound Badge


Luftwaffe Operational Flying Clasp for Bombers in Silver and Gold and with the hanger

Luftwaffe Honor Goblet

Russian Front Medal

German Cross in Gold

He rose to the rank of stabsfeldwebel before the end of the war. He was discharged in June of 1945, returning to a civilian life before eventually reenlisting in the Bundeswehr on 1.4.1957. He stayed active in the Bundeswehr for 10 years, eventually retiring on 31.3.1967 as a hauptfeldwebel. It is blatantly obvious that Brückner was a proud and talented individual. This absolutely massive grouping includes the above mentioned albums which have 100’s of photos of his service time and of his civilian life, with the last one dated 1986. It includes his flight book which has 100’s of entries, starting with the date 1 September 1939 with a flight into, you guessed it, Poland. The grouping includes original documents for all of the above mentioned awards as well as telegrams to him informing him of his awards. The awards for the ehrenpokal and the DKiG have autopen signatures of Reichsmarschall Göring. The German Cross document is countersigned by Generaloberst Bruno Loerzer. Also included are every promotional document throughout his entire career. His Wehrpass for his time in both the Wehrmacht and Bundeswehr are included as well. While in the Bundeswehr, he participated in many shooting competitions. He placed in each of these and the very colorful award documents, starting in 1959 and ending in 1966, are included.  There are countless other documents in this grouping that I can’t even imagine listing here, you will have to see it to believe it! Three of the photo albums deal with his time in the Bundeswehr, while one is full of war time photos that are just fantastic. The albums have very detailed descriptions and drawings, it seems that Brückner was quite the artist. The post war albums have many photos from reunions, with lots of signatures of comrades on various documents related to the reunions. The war time album starts with a page dedicated to his awards, with hand rendered drawings of the more significant ones. It is very impressive! The cover of this album features metal headgear insignia as well as gulls and pips from a uniform. Oh, did I forget to mention the fantastic, silver honor goblet was included in this grouping?!? Lest I forget this amazing item. Here is a description of it…

Standing about 8.5” tall, these goblets are a marvelous thing to behold – and must have been satisfying to receive! The goblet consists of an oblique-sided base ring with a raised inscription in large letters reading “Für besondere Leistung im Luftkrieg” (“For Special Achievement in the Air War”). There is a slight dent (a common situation) in the base but this example sits quite flat and steady. The oblique base transitions to a short, vertical shaft section (this is actually hollow) displaying a band with two parallel rows of exquisitely-detailed, raised-relief oak leaves (and in a small band beneath this, the engraved name of the recipient and date “Stabsfeldwebel Karl Brückner, am 10.12.41” The goblet widens at the top where the lip flares out to form the rim. The entire goblet is made of silver, with hand hammered sides that provide a spectacular faceted reflection effect. A life-size image of an Iron Cross is embossed (fully raised above the side) on the center of one side of the goblet, with the opposite side embossed to show a raised relief scene of two eagles embraced in a life and death struggle. Quite a handsome piece! The silver is stunning with moderate toning/bluing. Viewed from the bottom, the open shaft affords a view of the lightly curved cup bottom, which is clearly marked “Joh.Wagner & Sohn” followed by silversmith markings, the number 835 (for the silver content) and a Weimar style eagle. These are the most desirable and early production examples. 

Top it all of with another small goblet that was awarded to Brückner for his retirement in 1967. This stands 4 ¾” tall and is engraved “HPT.F.W. Karl Brückner G2 16.5.60-31.3.67”. It is stamped on the bottom “WMF NS11 O .35L”. It has toned drastically but is otherwise in great condition. Shockingly, that STILL isn't everything that is included in the awesome grouping! Would you believe it if I told you that many of his medals are also included? Just when you thought it couldn't get any better! The grouping includes the following, original awards....

Black Wound Badge

EKII w/Ribbon

DRL Sports Badge in Bronze (both metal and cloth examples)

German Cross in Gold with Case

Bordfunkerabzeichen in Case

Frontflugsange für Kampfflieger in Silver (Cased)

Frontflugsange für Kampfflieger in Gold (Cased)

Frontflugsange für Kampfflieger in Gold w/Hanger

Medal Bar w/EKII, Luftwaffe Long Service, 1 Oktober 1938 Medal and Russian Front Medal

Ribbons for Russian Front and EKII

Stick Pins for EK's and a Luftwaffe Stick Pin

His Bundeswehr Dog Tag

I could go on forever about this grouping, but have a look at our pictures to see just how much is included. This is a wonderful grouping that I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy!