Early DRA Sports Badge in Bronze

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Early DRA Sports Badge in Bronze-This is for the predecessor of the DRL, the DRA. It is literally identical to the DRL sports badges, only the monogram reads DRA and there is no swastika. The reverse is marked H. Wernstein-Jena Lobstedt and D.R.G.M. 33918. Great condition! 

HISTORY. The DRA stood for the Issuing Organization- The “Deutscher Reichs-Ausschuss” (German Nat. Committee for Physical Training). The DRA presented the DRA Badges from 1914 – 1933 in three grades (Bronze, Silver & Gold) depending upon an individual’s score on a physical test. This badge is considered the 1st version of the badge. In 1933 the organization’s name was changed to Deutscher Reichsbund fur Leibesubungen, so the badge was changed to read DRL (2nd version) and from 1937-1945 the Nazi swastika was added at the bottom (3rd version).