Enormous WWII Grouping from Dr. Werner Best-WOW!!

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Enormous WWII Grouping from Dr. Werner Best-This is so comprehensive I do not know where to begin. Suffice to say that it has many moving parts. It was taken from both the home and from the car of Dr. Best by a Danish Auxiliary Policeman. Among the highlights are the two fender pennants with protective sleeves that were removed from Dr. Best’s vehicle at the end of the war. One is quite appropriate as it has the national service flag, along with the fender pole. Best had a leading role in the NAZI government overseeing events in the occupied country of Denmark. This is in its original protective celluloid sleeve. The second fender pennant is certainly worth the price of admission as it is a spectacular rectangular example for the ranks of the SS General and up. This is not only in its protective celluloid sleeve, but also still in the metal frame that goes around the pennant. This also has the protective covering or an oil cloth type of weather sleeve.

The next major component of this offering is Dr. Werner Best's SS Honor ring. This, in itself, is an incredible find! You can see when you observe the photos the correct detailing to the interior inscription. This ring shows honest wear but itself is a premium item. 

The ring is a textbook example and comes with a certificate of authenticity from Don Boyle who is the world’s foremost authority on SS honor rings.

This ring is intriguing as, like many, according to Don Boyle is a textbook replacement example. Notification that Werner Best was awarded the SS honor ring first appears in the 1936 SS Dienstalterliste. This ring is dated 21.6.41 and therefore is a 100% textbook example of a replacement ring. Based on the fact, that I originally got this grouping from a Danish contact that got it from the family of the auxiliary Danish policeman and had never been in a collection before, this is all solid intelligence.

The lot also includes the auxiliary policeman’s armband. He was charged with guarding Dr. Bests’ home in the period after Germany had surrendered. There is also a number of original photographs that are included in this lot. There are hand written letters and other documents. There is a square placard that was worn by the person that commandeered all of these things, as he was detained and interrogated as part of the de-Nazification of the country of Denmark.

Best, Dr. Werner

before 1945:  SS Gruppenführer (No. 23377), NSDAP (no. 341338), co-author of the notorious "Boxheimer documents", 1934 with the SD of the "Reichsführer SS", head of office I of the Reich Security Main Office, war administration chief with the military commander in France, agent of the Reich in Denmark.

after 1945:  sentenced to death in Denmark for many murders, pardoned at the request of the Bonn government and freed, leading activity as economic legal expert in the Hugo-Stinnes-Konzern in Mühlheim/Ruhr, expert in the West German Foreign Office.

I cannot guarantee this, but if I live long enough and have the time, it is my intention to document this grouping in one of my upcoming books.