Ersatz Model 1915 PREUßEN Tin “KIT” Pickelhaube

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Ersatz Model 1915 PREUßEN Tin “KIT” Pickelhaube-The Eisenblech Ersatz-Helmet most closely resembles the M1895 pickelhaube as they consist of a front and rear visor secured to a helmet shell by split brads and are lacquered black.  The metal for the shell is quite thin and would offer little more protection than the leather pickelhaube it was destined to augment. At first glance, it appears that regular M1895 fittings are mated to a tin sheet, but Eisenblech pickelhaube have several very unique features.  The brads for holding on the spike base are artificial and are actually pressed into the spike base, while the spike itself is pressed onto the helmet skull.  The rear spine stops short of the spike base, and is void of the 1895 sliding vent.  As well, these helmets have an interesting “barrel” method for attaching the plate onto the helmet. These helmets are often referred to now by collectors as “kit helmets”, as they were shipped to the front Bekleidungsamt (clothing depots) to be assembled by hand.  The helmet body and visors are made from thin Eisenblech (tin plate) and painted in black enamel.  The factory supplied holes in the shell for the other fittings, such as spike, wappen, rear spine and the M91 posts for the chinstrap.  The design was actually ingenious; the shell had a ridge around the base of the circumference into which the liner and rear visors were snapped into place, and secured with brads. The liner is of black leather which I think it is a reproduction. The helmet is marked “R.v.d.H. Berl Sch” on the front visor.  Original Reich and state cockades with a reproduction chinstrap. A great example of a rare helmet!