Extremely Early Army Panzer Officer Wrapper with Trousers and M-43 Panzer Cap

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Extremely Early Army Panzer Officer Wrapper with Trousers AND M-43 Panzer Cap-This is the earliest wrapper we have ever seen! It is dated 1935. The fine quality black wool is in near excellent condition, remaining super clean with very light wear. There are two small holes on the lower right front and a spot of tracking on the left lower side front where the badge loops are. There is pink piping throughout the wrapper (collar, collar tabs and shoulder boards) and it is excellent retaining its full, vibrant pink color. The boards are slip-ons for a leutnant (2nd lieutenant), the collar tabs are machine applied and the skulls are aluminum with two prongs that go right through the collar. The BeVo breast eagle is beautifully hand applied, and is the early white version. There are two sets of loops in the area of the left breast. Each and every button is present and accounted for. The interior has a partial gray cloth lining that is very clean.  The left side (as worn) has all the proper size markings, as well as being dated “E.35”. Above the size markings is the word “ROME”. Below is issue info that reads “St./P-R.3 III”. It is a large size (100). The correct panzer trousers are also produced in fine black wool. The condition is identical to the wrapper, with minor wear and a few tiny holes. They are straight legged with ties and a button at the ankles. The pockets are the scalloped, buttoned type for the hip and rear and there is a slot for a watch fob. The fly is a four button type with two additional buttons at the waist. There is a built in grey HBT belt with black finished claw type metal buckle. The interior has white reinforcements and pocket bags. They are very well marked with size info, maker info and the date, ’41. The maker is in Vienna. They are a large size as well. The waist is a size 32 and the legs are 46” in length. The cap is a beauty, produced in black wool that is super clean with just minor wear and a bit of tracking. There is a two button flap closure and the buttons are green finished pebbled metal. The visor has the usual, but very minor, folding. The insignia is the “T” type, machine woven in grey over black and zig zag machine applied. The interior is fully lined in green rayon that has a light stain or two. It is a large size 60! There is an RBNr plus “H 43”. This grouping is documented in Volume 3 of Bill Shea's book The Stories Behind the Treasures of World War II, The Making of a Collectorholic. A great set!

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