Fabulous WWII German Infantry Regimental Standarte

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Fabulous WWII German Infantry Regimental Standarte-This standarte measures 49 inches (124.46cm) across the hoist and 49 inches (124.46cm) across the body of the flag with 1 ½ inch (3.81cm) silver fringe added on 3 sides. The body of the flag is heavy white silk with a central black silk Maltese cross. The cross is bordered with a 1 ½ inch (3.81cm) heavy silver bullion tape and edged with a smaller 5/16th silver bullion tape. The central Wehrmacht eagle measures 16 inches (40.64cm)  x 11 5/8 inches (29.464cm)  and is expertly embroidered in black and brown silk with some silver and gold bullion at the beak and talons. A huge, magnificent silver bullion wreath surrounds the eagle. The quality of the bullion leaves is simply staggering, and the detailed work is some of the finest we have ever seen. The wreath is joined at the base with a gold bullion tie. Each corner of the standard has a black embroidered party symbol measuring 7 ½ inches (19.05cm) from point to point with a nearly ½ inch silver bullion border at all the edges. The standarte is uncut and has the original sleeve for the pole intact. There is a visible line where the standard was originally tacked to the pole. There is some wear to the area where the flag was wrapped around the pole, it is fragile and will tear with slight effort. This is a strong sound example.