Five Award Document Grouping for Army Pioneer Corporal

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Five Award Document Grouping for Army Pioneer Corporal-These documents were all for awards given to Gefreiten Hans Zwickl who was a member of 2nd Company, Pioneer Battalion 173. The dates range from June 27, 1942 up through January 25, 1943 so he was obviously busy. Awards earned were the black wound badge, the Russian Front medal, the Infantry Assault badge, the General Assault badge, the Krim Shield and the Iron Cross 2nd Class. Each document is in fair condition and measures approximately 8” by 6”. The document for the EKII is signed by Generalmajor Fritz Lindemann who was a Knights Cross winner but he is probably better known for his involvement in the July 20, 1944 plot to kill Hitler. He went into hiding and was eventually found by the Gestapo. When they tried to arrest him, he attempted to get away by jumping out a window. He was shot in the legs and stomach and depending on who ask, he either died of his injuries or was executed by guillotine. The document for the Krim Shield has an autopen signature of Generalfeldmarschal von Manstein. A great grouping!