German Early DLV Flag

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German Early DLV Flag-This is an early Deutscher Luftfahrtverband flag. It is made of rough white bunting. This is a large flag, as it measures 12 feet by 6 ½ feet in size. It displays the early DLV logo with the golden prop or propeller with wings printed onto the white field in the center of a purple circle.  This is surrounded by the black and white cross, with a Baltic cross on a red field in the upper corner. There is some damage to the lower portion of this flag, there are some holes, so please be sure to look closely at the photos. Since the Treaty of Versailles officially forbade Germany from building fighter planes of any sort, the German Air Sports Association used gliders to train men still officially civilians for the future Luftwaffe. This air sports organization officially became the NSFK in 1937. Nice example of an early DLV flag.