German Early Souvenir Commemorative Bookmark

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German Early Souvenir Commemorative Bookmark-A gray linen BeVo woven bookmark showing the 'Divisions-Traditions-Abzeichen' and Knights-Cross coupled with the names of eleven Ritterkreuzträger der 26. Infanterie-Division. This is an attractive period souvenir-item. It is a multi-colored gray cloth bookmark that measures approx. 9 ½ inches in length, and approx. 1 ½ inches wide. It has an image of a yellow divisional shield showing at the top, and the names of the eleven Ritterkreuzträger des 26. Infanterie-Division: Weiss, Wiese, Hertzsch, v. Stoessel, Schell, Matern, Haun, Niggemeyer, Vogelsang, Schwertherr and Minert. These all hail from the Cologne-area. Below this is a handsome iron cross on a red and black ribbon. This is a beautiful looking example that is in excellent condition probably given out at a veteran’s convention after the war. This is therefore not covered by our usual guarantee.