German Kriegsmarine “Seestreitkräfte der Ostsee” Tally Cap

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German Kriegsmarine “Seestreitkräfte der Ostsee” Tally Cap-This is for Naval Forces of the Baltic Sea. It is a rare fid! The cap is for summertime use with its white removable cover. It does have some discoloration as you can see but it is in fine condition overall. The rigid cap is nicely padded. The cockade is present but whatever insignia that was on this aside from that is lost to time. It is a pre war cap so we are not sure what it would have had. The tally has gold script that reads “Seestreitkräfte der Ostsee” or “Naval Forces of the Baltic Sea”. The top panel of the interior is lined in orange oil cloth while the sides are orange brown cloth. There is a diamond shaped moisture shield with script that reads Stirndruckfrei Deutsches Reichspatent. There is a paper tag in the slot with a name that is hard to read. There is a tag attached with the size listed as 57. A scarce offering!