German Military Ribbon Bars 1914-1957 By Mark Hayden

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German Military Ribbon Bars 1914-1957 By Mark Hayden-This is a very gently used softcover, which is filled with valuable information and captioned clear photos (many in color) identifying hundreds of different ribbon bars. It will be a valuable guide to identifying and displaying this important component to a uniform or badge collection. It contains 70 pages. German Military Ribbon Bars fills an obvious gap in reference works on German awards and medals. Drawing on many resources from around the world, from his own collection, and with many unpublished photographs from 1914-1970, author Mark Hayden examines German ribbon bars from World War I, the Inter-War years, World War II and finally those worn by veterans in the reconstituted Bundeswehr of 1957. The wide variety of construction, styles, and combinations are discussed in detail, along with information on values, availability, and reproductions. In almost new condition.