German Pre-WWII Model 33 SS Dagger by Böker***STILL AVAILABLE***

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German Pre-WWII Model 33 SS Dagger by Böker-This one has plenty of interesting characteristics as it is originally an SS Röhm presentation piece. The solid nickel cross guards and scabbard fittings are in excellent condition with only slight normal usage. The reverse of the upper cross guard is deeply etched with the owner’s number which is 16043. I did make one attempt to research this, but was unsuccessful, further research may help identify the original owner, as we know he must have been a very early member of the Schutzstaffel. The handle has some damage which includes a number of age cracks, along with a few slight chips. My sense is that some point a collector may have placed a light coat of clear shellac to protect the handle. The nickel silver eagle is nicely in place. The SS runic button has slight bubbling to the black background enamel. The reverse of the lower cross guard is stamped with the Roman Numeral I. The anodizing on the scabbard is beautiful and virtually intact. The blade rates a strong very good, with the obverse having the usual in and out scrapes. The motto “Meine Ehre heißt Treue” is deeply etched into the obverse of the blade. There are a few slight nicks along the cutting edge. The reverse of the blade has the obvious indication that it was a Röhm presentation, but the entire dedication has eradicated following specific orders by the High Command. The small Böker logo with the tree is located in the correct spot for a Röhm dedication dagger. This is complete with a black leather vertical hanger which is in excellent shape and has an RZM code stamped into the nickel-plated clip. This piece certainly has a lot going for it.

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