German WW2 Russian Front Award

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German WW2 Russian Front Award-“As Found” example with a short portion of the ribbon still attached. Heavy wear and discoloration to this example, please make certain to examine photos. Ribbon is in good shape. 

History: The Russian Front Medal was instituted by Adolf Hitler on May 26TH, 1942 to commemorate the first winter campaign in Russia. The award was available to all Wehrmacht personnel, civilians and foreign volunteers who met the required criteria with the main qualification being at least fourteen days of participation in combat on the Russian front between November 15th, 1941 and April 15th, 1942 within preset geographical boundaries. The award was commonly referred to as the "Frozen Meat Medal". Regulations of September 4th, 1944 discontinued the Russian Front Medal with the last award being bestowed on October 15th, 1944. Generally, the Russian Front Medal was only worn on the day of bestowal or on a medal bar for dress or ceremonial occasions resulting in the ribbon being worn on a day-to-day basis on the field blouse.