German WWII 15 Years of Stahlhelm in Lower Saxony

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German WWII 15 Years of Stahlhelm in Lower Saxony-This book is written in German and was printed in 1936. This is a 166-page softcover book, written completely in German, that covers the Stahlhelm group of Niedersaschsen or Lower Saxony. This is a commemorative book detailing the history of this district Stahlhelm group. This veteran group has a long-storied history with the NAZI party, and actually became an early paramilitary organization. As they became too powerful, and didn’t come in line with Hitler’s politics, the local Stahlhelm groups were dissolved by decree of Adolf Hitler on 7 November 1935. This book appears to be a contemporary history book to commemorate this local group and to celebrate the founders and members. There are 96 pages in the appendix that contain black and white photos. This book is in good shape, though it does have a delicate binding. It is very clean with no major damage. If you have any interest in the development of this organization, this might be a very interesting read.