German WWII 1936 Olympic Commemorative Medal

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German WWII 1936 Olympic Commemorative Medal-The Olympic Games Commemorative Medal was instituted on July 31st in 1936 as an award to German nationals and foreign personnel who assisted in the preparation and organization of the 11th Summer and 4th Winter Olympic games in Berlin and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The award was not intended for actual participants in the Olympic Games but rather in recognition of those who had orchestrated the "behind the scenes" preparations and work for the events. The eleventh Olympic Games were held in Berlin in 1936. This was the perfect opportunity for the NSDAPs to show off their regime to the world. Berlin had been selected to host the 1936 Olympic Games before the NSDAPs came to power but the regime took full advantage of the enormous propaganda opportunity the Games presented. This is why the 36 Olympics are such an important historical event. This medal is constructed in zinc with a very nicely toned silver finish that shows only minor wear. This is an early strike. The finish on this medal is gorgeous, the silver is very nicely toned, and the details are terrific. There is a section of original ribbon included. The obverse has a central German national eagle clutching a wreathed mobile swastika, flanked by a date of “1936” and topped by an Olympic symbol. The reverse has the script “FÜR VERDIENSTVOLLE MITARBEIT BEI DEN OLYMPISCHEN SPIELEN 1936” (“FOR MERITORIOUS ASSISTANCE IN THE OLYMPIC GAMES OF 1936”). Very good condition!