German WWII 6x30 Wetzler Binoculars

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German WWII 6x30 Wetzler Binoculars-This is a set of 6 x 30 binoculars that was produced by President Wetzlar. The serial number is 72861. The black pebbled leatherette on the body is in fine condition. The rest of the black finish is mostly intact. The black leather strap is intact. The optics are slightly cloudy and there is one spot of black discoloration on the upper corner of the right lens. The optics could definitely use a good cleaning, we have not attempted to do so. Included is a smaller, rigid brown leather case in excellent condition. It is lined with a burgundy velvet which is also in great shape. There is a very interesting feature on the front of this case. There are initials scratched into the front of the case, which are a stylized “SS”. There is a name scratched into the left side of the case again with the stylized “S”; the name is Sandvik and Rjukan we assume is the city in Norway.  “Disp. S. Sandvik Rjukan”.