German WWII Anti-NAZI Novelty Item

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German WWII Anti-NAZI Novelty Item-This is one of a series of anti-NAZI novelty pieces that occasionally show up for sale. This one happens to be an adorable caricature of Adolf Hitler standing approx. 4” high. He has a great expression on his face, his mustache and details are very nice. He’s wearing a red tie. His left arm is chipped, so please make certain to look at photos. Surprisingly this really doesn’t detract from the piece as the chip is on the underside of his left arm. But please be aware of it. He is a pin cushion, there was never a cushion on this piece, the pins are place in small holes in his back end.  He is made of a plaster material, and the base does have some chips on the bottom. But this is from age and usual wear. There is information scratched into the bottom of the base, it’s difficult to make out, but you can see the date ’42.  This is a great little novelty item and a super conversation piece.