German WWII Army (Heer) "Other Ranks" Belt Buckle with Tab

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German WWII Army (Heer) "Other Ranks" Belt Buckle with Tab-This is a good example. It has moderate wear, and is missing the majority of its original finish on the obverse. What remains of the finish is isolated to the lower portion of the details, so the eagle, swastika and “Gott Mit Uns” motto and wreath have no finish remaining, but really stand out nicely. The same is true for the pebbled background as well. There is more of the original finish remaining on the reverse. The reverse is nicely marked for “Dr F which is for Dr Franke & Co of Lüdenscheid. Note the underscore under the “r”. The leather tab is in good condition, it is also nicely marked for Dr Franke, and has the date of manufacture, ’37. Handsome offering.