German WWII Cased Luftwaffe Observer Badge by Assmann

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German WWII Cased Luftwaffe Observer Badge by Assmann-This badge was awarded for two months of flying service with a non-operational squadron, or to an individual who had taken part in five operational sorties. It was instituted on 26 March 1936. This early tombak example is excellent, retaining very crisp details. The nickel silver finish to the wreath and gray finish to the eagle have each toned slightly but this gives it a beautiful look. The reverse displays the same toning. There is a blunt tipped, round pin rotating on a rugged barrel hinge. The round wire catch is soldered directly to the badge. The back side of the eagle is stamped with the stylized A for F.W. Assmann of Lüdenscheid". The small blue leatherette case is in good condition, with just some minor. The lower section of the interior is compartmented and lined in blue flocking. The upper lid is blue satin. Choice example!