German WWII Civilian Luftwaffe Flak Helper’s Stick Pin

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German WWII Civilian Luftwaffe Flak Helper’s Stick Pin-Interesting example of a Luftwaffe Heimat und Alarm Flakartillerie (Homeland and Alarm Flak Artillery” Stick Pin for civilians. Constructed in a silvered zinc, on a shorter knurled pin that measures just under 4cm. Slight wear and verdigris, but overall, in good condition. We have a few of these and the one you receive will be the same if not better than the one in the photo.

History: The Heimat und Alarm Flakartillerie civil group, was a Luftwaffe Flak Auxiliary Service. It mostly consisted of factory employees. These civilians were trained to fire anti-aircraft flak close to their place of work. Light flak batteries were usually equipped with about a dozen 20mm or 37mm guns. Light- and medium-caliber guns could be mounted on the tops of buildings and factories. This stick pin was awarded upon completion of Flak training.