German WWII Driving Qualification Badge in Silver

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German WWII Driving Qualification Badge in Silver-This is the silver version with a finish that is completely missing. The remaining zinc base has a dark tone to it. The backing is missing on this example, the steel plate backing is visible You can see two prongs are present. In good condition!

History: The Driver Proficiency Badge was established on 23 October 1942 to reward drivers of military transport vehicles, including trucks, cars and motorcycles, who served for specified periods in a war zone after 1 December 1940. Both service personnel and civilian drivers under Wehrmacht command could qualify, as could foreign volunteers, but not members of forces allied to Germany.

The requirement for the award was to have served since 1 December 1940 on the front line or in rear areas on the Balkan, North African and Eastern Fronts, with other areas added as the war progressed. The qualifying period depended on the type of vehicle driven. For the bronze badge this was:

Motorbike reconnaissance and dispatch riders: 90 days

Supply vehicles supporting the front line: 120 days

Other forms of military transport: 135 days

The silver badge was awarded where these requirements were met for a second time; with the gold for a third time. The badge could be awarded for shorter periods when drivers faced particularly arduous conditions, or for special driving achievement. Awards were authorized by battalion commanders and above or, for civilians, by the Ministry of the Interior.

The award could be forfeited, for example if the recipient drove dangerously or failed to maintain his vehicle. It could not be awarded posthumously.