German WWII Eagle Order Silver Diplomatic Medal without Swords

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German WWII Eagle Order Silver Diplomatic Medal without Swords-This is a scarce unmarked example. It is in very good condition with fantastic looking patina. Made of nickel silver, with a finish that is mostly intact. This badge is round in shape, with a Maltese cross and four German eagle and swastika emblems on the obverse. It is emblazoned on the reverse with the wording “Deutsche Verdienst Medaille” (German Merit Medal) in Latin capital letters. It shows terrific details. This Includes a portion of the original ribbon. Excellent throughout.

History: Adolf Hitler created the German Eagle Order on May 1, 1937, based on a personal request of Foreign Minister Dr. Meissner1). The creation of the order finally enabled the German Reich to honor foreigners. The order would be awarded through the Fuehrer through proposal of the foreign minister. This award was intended to supply a diplomatic order for award to foreign nationals. The Award consisted of five classes and a silver medal of merit. A unique class of the Grand Cross the German Eagle Order in Gold with Diamonds was presented to Benito Mussolini. In 1939, a few modifications were made to the design. Swords could be added to each award for military merit, the award was then approved for German nationals, and a special award of the Grand Cross in Gold was instituted. In 1943, the Order was reorganized into seven classes with both a silver and a bronze medal of merit. Other notable recipients were Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh