German WWII Early DLV Cap Badge and Stick Pin

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S-023T German WWII Early DLV Cap Badge and Stick Pin- Cap Insignia is for the German Aviation Assn. (Deustch Luftfahrt League) founded in 1928 This includes a beautiful, gilt finished stick pin for the German Airsports League (DLV) founded in 1933 and a fantastic cap badge. The cap badge is oval, produced in dark blue badge cloth with bullion wreath and letters. The eagle is tombak with a darkly toned finish. The reverse has a paper backing. The stick pin is excellent. Scarce stuff! Since the Treaty of Versailles officially forbade Germany from building fighter planes of any sort, the German Air Sports Association used gliders to train men still officially civilians for the future Luftwaffe. This air sports organization officially became the NSFK in 1937. This is the only example of this cap badge that I have ever encountered. $850