German WWII Early Ground Röhm SA Dagger

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German WWII Early Ground Röhm SA Dagger -Outstanding example with all of the characteristics associated with early production including solid nickel fittings and Gruppe marked lower crossguard. This example is marked Sw for Sudwest Gruppe. This has real appeal on the exterior with a perfect handle grip eagle and SA runic button. This piece is totally untouched and uncleaned. There is a slight dent in the lower scabbard boot. The anodizing is still quite present but does have some areas where it is not present. The blade is full excellent with the "Alles für Deutschland" motto very distinctive. This is a total ground Röhm example including the fact that they removed the maker’s information. In this case, the owner was not taking any chances. Complete with proper short brown strap. Full excellent example. 

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